AuCuTee S5 Sleep Therapy White Noise Machine (White)

AuCuTee S5 Portable Sound Machine (White), 20 Soothing Sleep Therapy White Noise Machine with Timer Option, Sleeping and Relaxation Machine for Baby, Adult or Traveler.


    • 20 Soothing sounds for Sleep
    • 【Built in Battery】
    • 【Headphone Function】
    • 【Portable & Lightweight】
    • One Year Warranty

    Package included:

    • 1 X sleep therapy machine
    • 1 X Charging Adapter & Cable
    • 1 X Instruction Manual

    What Can An AuCuTee Sound Machine Do For You?

     Do you sometimes struggle to sleep at night because of external noise, or  an overactive mind ?-Using a white noise machine is an effective way to mask sounds that disturb you, helping you relax and fall asleep easier.

    Long Playtime

    With a built-in large capacity Lithium-Ion 1800mAh rechargeable battery offering super long performance, you're sure sleep restfully all night without worrying about power.

    20 Sounds

    Comes with 20 kinds imported Legal authorization sleeping music, Includes White Noise, Pink Noise, Gray Noise, Simulated Fan Sounds, Lullabys, and other natural sounds.

    Headphone Function

    Built-in Headphone Jack, you can use it with earphone to mask disruptive environmental noises for yourself.

    Portable & Lightweight

    With a design for Lightweight, compact and portable , it is perfectly for home, office and travel use.

    Multiple Applications

    Especially Useful for Babies and children, Apartments/dorms, 

    Light sleepers, Snoring spouses, Noisy neighbors, Office confidentiality, 

    Focus/concentration, Bedroom,Meditation,Yoga,Spa.

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