SAVE BIG when you order in bulk!

Simply inquire about any product that you wish to purchase in bulk and we will discuss the best possible price with you. Our website pricing normally maxes out at 100 to 200 units; After that, it's time to contact us!

  • When you order in bulk, you'll receive a better price per unit and a much better deal on shipping.
  • If your preferred mail service offers a better shipping price, just let us know and we will only charge you for the items while having your forwarder collect the products directly from our warehouse in China.
  • When ordering hundreds or thousands of pieces, why not consider a custom branding or logo? For a small additional cost per piece, you can have your company's name and logo on the product. We can even help you change the packaging and product inserts to promote your brand further.

After you've placed your bulk order, you'll automatically get better pricing on all of our products-- even small sample orders.

Is Wholesale Dropshipping For Me?

Wholesale dropshipping is a business opportunity like no other. The product storage and shipping is already taken care of - you only need to find successful ways to sell them!

Since you only pay for a product after you've already sold it and collected the money from your customer, it's a very safe business that you can run by yourself. There's no risk of dead stock, storage fees, or worries of unwanted inventory.

Have you ever tried selling on eBay or in a local shop? If you've ever sold anything and sent the products to your customers, you'll know that there's a lot of time, effort, and costs involved in packing and shipping.

When you drop-ship with AuCuTee, you can rely on us to take care of all of that for you!

"Wait a minute! Won't my customers just go directly to my wholesaler?"

Not to worry! With a good wholesale drop shipper like AuCuTee, your customers will only have contact with you, not the supplier.

The products will be sent "blind"-- Meaning your supplier's name, address, and contact details are not visible to your customer, making your source completely invisible. In the AuCuTee warehouse, we have measures in place to ensure no mention of AuCuTee is made on the packaging or invoice. Additionally, we will not include any AuCuTee promotional materials and none of the items will contain the AuCuTee logo/brand/name on the product, packaging or accessories.

Your repeat customers will remain loyal to you while AuCuTee does all the hard work as your secret wholesale dropship supplier. Contact us to start your wholesale business today!


Become A Reseller

Our authorized resellers are a crucial part of expanding the AuCuTee technology experience. If you are interested in helping customers increase their productivity and enhance their devices, then join our team. Please fill out the form below and an AuCuTee sales associate will contact you about the many advantages that come with being a reseller of these forward-thinking innovations.

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