AuCuTee Baby Soothing Sounds Machine

Smart Baby Soothing Sound Machine, AuCuTee Rechargeable 6 in 1 Sound machine with Automatic activation & Shut off Timer


  • Soothing, comforting, & calming, 6 in 1 infant sound machine
  • Voice Sensor / Sound Activation Function
  • 30 minute automatic shut-off timer
  • Portable and Rechargeable- No batteries required
  • Lightweight and compact- Easy for outdoors, travel, and everyday use
  • Easy to use- Twist top and bottom for volume adjustments and sound settings

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    6 soothing sounds for babies

    • Lullaby-Soft Soothing tunes your little one will fall asleep to quickly
    • Shush- he rhythmic shush reminds baby of being inside mom, where they were inundated 24 hours a day with loud sounds of blood flow and other in utero noises usher stops crying by engaging the natural calming reflex of your baby.
    • Fetal heart beat– this is subtle and calming for a newborn
    • Rain-The soothing sound of the pitter patter of soft rain drops falling will give you one sleepy baby.
    • White noise- standard white noise, comparable to what I use in my own room
    • Wave-a bit intense, though better when the volume is turned down.

    Product Details:

    • The power is adjusted by gently turning the top orange ring. A “click” may be heard when the unit is turned on and off. The volume is accordingly adjusted with the power function.
    • At the bottom of the product, there is six-gear turn corresponding to the six soothing sound selection. (Tips: when the gear reaches both ends, please do not twist it vigorously past selection. This will cause damage to unit.)
    • Each sound will stop automatically after 30 minutes, when the unit enters sleep mode
    • The same sound will be activated by a voice / noise sensor when the surrounding noise reaches 70 DB.
    • Charges utilizing a USB charger, DC 5V 1A input micro- Does not require batteries.
    • Easy to Go strap on the side allows the unit to be secured to other items such as diaper bag, stroller, crib, ect.

    This machine creates a comforting, consistent sound environment to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep, anywhere! The portable design with long lasting battery and sleep mode options are great for on the go, travel, and everyday use.


    Package Included

    • 1 x Soothing sleep sound machine (without adapter)
    • 1 x USB cable
    • 1 x Instructions


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