Our Story

AuCuTee's creation starts with a story. The founder, Allen, received a white noise machine from his friend. He was told that such a device could help in relaxation and bring about better sleep. Though Allen never had trouble sleeping, the machine had a deep impact despite its low quality sound and construction. When Allen looked for a more elegant and modern product with high quality natural sounds befitting of the 21st century, there was nothing to be had. Thus, AuCuTee was founded.

With a fresh team, AuCuTee put a lot of research into natural sounds. The sounds built into the unit were selected carefully from among millions after careful testing and were licensed for use specifically with the products.

A departure from other sound machines on the market, AuCuTee pays great attention to product design. Long gone are the days of sound machines designed with grandma and grandpa in mind-- our modern design is perfect for all ages and environments, from home to office, bringing you relaxation and peace wherever you go. Here is our goal.

AuCuTee Sound Machine Reviews

AuCuTee S5 Sound Sleep Machine (White/Grey)

20 built-in and fully licensed sounds

1800mAh rechargeable battery offering long playtime

Can be used with standard headphones

Lightweight, compact, and ultra portable for home, office, and travel

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Smart Baby Sleep Sound Machine

With Voice Sensor: Each sound stops automatically after 30 minutes, will be activated again by voice sensor;

Rechargeable: Li-ion 1800mAh battery;

Portable on baby go.

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